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PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE. 31 The Lancet è una rivista scientifica inglese di ambito medico pubblicata settimanalmente dal Lancet Publishing Group, edita da Elsevier. È stata fondata nel 1823 da Thomas Wakley. Lattuale direttore è Richard Horton. Il suo nome fa riferimento allo strumento chirurgico in inglese the lancet è il bisturi. Il significato è anche metaforico, suggestivo dellanalisi scientifica in medicina 2019-06-20 · Five-Year Impact Factor: While the standard Impact Factor measures citations to journal articles published within a 2-year period, the 5-year Impact Factor evaluates citations to journal articles published within a 5-year period to provide a measure of a journal's longer-term influence. 影响因子官网,提供SCI期刊LANCET ONCOL,LANCET ONCOLOGY(1470-2045)2000-2014,2015及历年影响因子(impactfactor),专业排名,论文被引频次,论文收录等专业数据查询 The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology; The Lancet Global Health; The Lancet Haematology; The Lancet Healthy Longevity; The Lancet HIV; The Lancet Infectious Diseases; The Lancet Microbe; The Lancet Neurology; The Lancet Oncology; The Lancet Planetary Health; The Lancet Psychiatry; The Lancet Public Health; The Lancet Regional Health – Americas The journal also regularly features podcasts, video, infographics, and curated web content.

Impact factor lancet oncology

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Review this journal Show reviews. Journal info (provided by editor) The editor of Lancet Oncology has not yet provided information for this page. Two-year impact factor n/a Five-year impact factor n/a. Disciplines: Oncology.

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Lancet Oncology, 1470-2045, 36.418. 21 Jan 2021 While the new studies did not assess impacts of COVID-19, the The Article in The Lancet Oncology journal is a modelling study of as well as patient-level risk factors, which could warrant further study and interven 11 Sep 2019 An observational study including 3.9 million cancer cases in seven the impact of these factors and better understand these international  4 Nov 2020 The impact of delay on mortality can now be quantified for prioritisation and modelling. or subanalysis to investigate the impact of this factor in the observed associations. Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol 2017;2:501- 12 Feb 2021 Further research is needed to identify factors impacting cancer Children who complete treatment require ongoing care to monitor for cancer recurrence and to manage any possible long-term impact of Lancet Oncol.

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The performance from more-mature Oncology medicines in the half included Tax Rate due to the impact of the geographical mix of profits and the the publication of two manuscripts in The Lancet Oncology, reporting. factors: a population increase especially in older age groups, a faster reach the impact promised by precision medicine, we need to enable the research priorities in the USA: A Lancet Oncology Commis- sion. Lancet  HER2 – Human Epidermal Growth factor receptor 2, även kallat Lancet Oncol 2010;11:1135-41. 6. Regan MM The impact of tumor progesterone receptor  med hög impact-faktor och därmed hög trovärdighet. (radiation oncology) nu står i begrepp hög impact factor (Lancet Oncology, Lancet,. A. Poveda et al Annals of Oncology doi:10.1093/annonc/mdq352 2.

Impact factor lancet oncology

1. Nature, 376, 552. 2. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 202, 300. 19. Renewable and The Lancet Oncology, 183, 300.
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and multiplied by a factor of 100,000. The age- specific rate for Lancet Oncol 2013; published online Feb 20. Persistent impact of illness on families of adult. av P Österlund — factor receptor (EGFR), ErbB-1) och Her2. (ErbB-2).

2010  growth factor (VEGF) till onormal kärlnybildning kring tumören. Anastrozole, Tamoxifen, or Combined with Tamoxifen (IMPACT) The lancet oncology. 2011  The factors that determine progression of HPV infection to high-grade cervical Further evidence of the impact of organised screening on cervical cancer mortality Lancet Oncology; published on-line August 21, 2007 (DOI:10.1016/S1470-. Journal of Clinical Oncology än i PNAS, Journal of Physiology eller Pediatrics, som inte når upp till 15.
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Lancet Oncology. Review this journal Show reviews. Journal info (provided by editor) The editor of Lancet Oncology has not yet provided information for this page. Two-year impact factor n/a Five-year impact factor n/a. Disciplines: Oncology. Aims and scope.